Footsteps helps structure strategic development plan to attain people’s personal and professional goals.

Organizational Development



Professional relationships facilitate performance, learning and development of people.

Assessment Survey

Based on our research, we conduct a climate survey to find the motivational factors for employees. Then we suggest what the most critical issues are for the organization to deal with.

Personal Development Leadership Training

A diverse range of training programs will be proposed and delivered in order to identify corporate and personal objectives. In addition, training effectiveness assessments will be provided along with a comprehensive development plan for further improvement.

Human Resources Infrastructure Design

Footsteps will propose a strategic Human Resources structure and system in order to maximize operational effectiveness.


To meet the diversified business challenges corporate faces today, Footsteps provides assistance to select the most suitable talent for the position.

Seminar House

フットステップスは長野県蓼科、標高1500mの高原にセミナーハウスを所有。 さまざまな活動にご利用できます。


Consultation specializes in the following:

  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Leadership/Management Development Training
  • Executive Coaching (Process Oriented Coaching)
  • New Leader/ Manager Assimilation Program (Non-Japanese managing Japanese employees)
  • On/Off Site Top Management Meeting Facilitation
  • Communication Skills Training
  • Human Resources Strategies and Policies
  • Career Development
  • EAP(Employee Assistant Program): Industrial Counseling
  • Diversity Training
  • Harassment at Work Prevention