Application of Processwork Model
in the Conflict Facilitation
in Organizations

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With Dr Stephen Schuitevoerder
Saturday 16th to Tuesday 19th March, 2013

We are excited to announce that Dr Stephen Schuitevoerder, a well known international facilitator and trainer in Process Work will be presenting his 8th annual workshop in Tokyo.

This workshop has been designed to explore and experience the application of Processwork model in the Group Process facilitation in the corporate/organization settings. Participants will be guided through a series of demonstration and experience the conflict facilitation of group processes. The workshop will be provided in English with Japanese translation. It is highly interactive and presented and facilitated to ensure optimal learning for both those familiar with Process Work and those who are new to the model. All are welcome!

What we will cover:

  • Process Work basic theory including skills in structural analysis, conflict and group facilitation.
  • Specialized Process Work tools to work with stress and tension and preempt issues before they arise.
  • Addressing organizational and systemic trauma, the impact on the system and methods to work with this skillfully.
  • Using personal and team challenges as methods of both personal and organizational transformation.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will be provided with:
An immersion in Process Work methodology.

  • Facilitation tools to transform conflicts into profound enrichment for individuals and groups.
  • The ability to recognize and work with signals of tension during the group process facilitation.
  • Facilitation Skills in working with team and organizational tension, stress and challenges.
  • Meta-skills and the cultivation of attitudes to assist in challenging and difficult moments of Group Process.

More on Process work:

Process Work is a cross-disciplinary approach to support individual and collective change. It developed in the 1970s and 1980s in Zurich, Switzerland by Dr. Arnold Mindell, a Jungian analyst. Process Work, also known as Process-Oriented Psychology, offers new ways of working with areas of life that are experienced as problematic or painful. Physical symptoms, relationship problems, group conflicts and social tensions, when approached with curiosity and respect, can lead to new information that is vital for personal and collective growth. With its roots in Jungian psychology and physics, Process Work believes that the solution to problems is often contained within the disturbances themselves. Process Work provides a practical framework through which individuals, couples, families, groups and organizations can connect with greater effectiveness and creativity. Process Work adopts a sense of deep democracy whereby each aspect of ourselves is seen to be meaningful and important and offers valuable information for us when explored and unfolded. Similarly within an organization, each member holds important and vital contribution to the group’s well-being and effectiveness.

More on the facilitator:

Dr. Stephen SchuitevoerderDr Stephen Schuitevoerder is an international consultant, lecturer and facilitator based in Portland, Oregon. Stephen presents seminars, lectures and workshops throughout the world including Japan, South Africa, Australia, Russia, South America, Mexico and the United States. He works with diversity issues, team building, executive development and organizational conflict and has facilitated small and large group processes in a wide range of settings. Stephen is the President and a faculty member of the Process Work Institute. He has a private practice in Portland, Oregon and consults with individuals and executives throughout the world.


Saturday 16th to Tuesday 19th March, 2013


10am-5pm with 1 hr. lunch break


*120,000 JPY (Professionals) for 4 full days; JPY 80,000 (Full-time students, PWI program enrolled students).
The fee includes handouts and refreshments during the workshop. Lunch will be independent.

*Early Bird Discount: 10,000 JPY discount will be given to those who complete registration and payment before February 15 (2013). (Early Bird discount will apply to the 4 full-day professional attendees only.)


The workshop will be conducted in English & Japanese.


Full payment of the tuition is required before March 5, 2013.