About Footsteps

Footsteps provides a wide-range of the Human Resources consulting services.
By respecting the Work-Life-Balance of individuals, and organizational vision, mission and values, we help clients achieve their goals in their business and personal lives.
Consultation specializes in the organizational effectiveness in Change Management, Leadership/Talent management, Executive Coaching.
New Leader’s Assimilation Program ,On/Off Site Management Meeting Facilitation for team alignment and conflict resolution, Human Resources Strategies and Policies, Career Development Counseling, EAP(Employee Assistant Program) Counseling, and Diversity Training.

Keiko Suzuki’s Profile

鈴木桂子 Keiko Suzuki

Keiko has wide experience in human resource management, training and development. Over the past twenty years, she has built her career working for JPMorgan, General Electric and Estee Lauder, located in Tokyo and the U.S. In addition, she was engaged in coordination and curriculum development activities for three years with the Wharton School Executive Management Program at University of Pennsylvania in US.

As a consultant, Keiko has experience with versatile industrial clients including Japanese mega banks and securities, foreign investment banks and life insurance firms, telecommunication companies, electric companies and energy and luxurious brand retail sales companies. She has also facilitated courses and workshops at Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of International Corporate Strategies, International Christian University Graduate School and the Korean Facilitators Association in Seoul.

Keiko specializes in organizational and management development solutions including assessment, change strategy formation, leadership development, off-site meeting facilitation for team alignment, improved performance management practices and career development. She works directly with senior managers in a coaching capacity as she engages in other training and development methods for improving communication skills, coaching, feedback change management and cross-cultural management/adaptation.

Keiko is a Certified Industrial Counselor. She holds various assessment instrument certifications which include Situation Leadership, Team Management Profile, Personal Decisions International and Benchmarks facilitation.

Since 2006, Keiko has been studying Process Oriented psychological facilitation skills at the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon. Her studies focused on the “Conflict Facilitation and Organizational Change”. She is quite passionate about learning new ways to look at conflict management within the organization as she is also involved with her corporate clients in her consultation work.